June & July Wrap up

Today is 31/7 which means… it’s time for June and July’s wrap up!

I had finals in June for like 2 weeks and I couldn’t read so I decided to combine June and July’s wrap up post. In June I read 2 English books and a Chinese book:

In July I read 6 English novels, 4 novellas and 2 Chinese books:
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School. Exams. School. Exams. Sounds boring right? 😛
I didn’t have enough time to revise so I had to get up early in the morning to do revision. Sometimes 2:30 am, sometimes 3:00 am. I remember watching FIFA World Cup while revising (oops I shouldn’t have done that. No regrets though). After 2 weeks of torture I could finally watch football matches without worries. So that’s how June went by.

You thought that I’d be on holiday after I’ve finished my exams? Nope. I still have to go to school. The teachers were supposed to teach as we don’t have enough time to finish the syllabus, but because a lot of my classmates were on study tours, we had free lessons! So I ended up reading the whole day (not complaining).
Three weeks went by and I’m finally out of school! I decided to resume my blog and went on the internet for some book blogging tips. These are some of the websites I’ve found that are quite useful:




I also went to the Hong Kong Book Fair and bought plenty of books. Check out my book haul here:








How can this not be in my monthly favourites? Going to school after watching the match – BEST DAY EVER! (Just sayin)