Taipei Book Haul

I went to Taipei with my family during the Christmas Holiday and bought these:


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It took me quite some time to find a bookstore that sells English books. (I guess English books are not so popular in Taiwan haha) They were wrapped with a plastic bag, unlike those in Hong Kong, so they are in perfect condition 😀


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They are gorgeous and I’m looking forward to reading them!


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#BookBlogWriMo Day 12: Advice for Newbie Blogger

This is my 100th post! Newbie advices from a newbie:

1. Social Medias – Don’t be shy!

Social medias are REALLY important. Get a Twitter/ Tumblr/ Instagram account. They allow you to communicate with other bloggers/authors and get updated with events etc. You can also ‘advertise’ your book blog – it helps with traffic! Remember, don’t be shy. Talk to people. Chat with them. Ask them questions if you have any. The book blogging community is very friendly so don’t be afraid 🙂

Oh and I’ve almost forgotten to mention this – create a Goodreads and email account for your book blog! They are essential!


2.  Organisation

It’s difficult to maintain your book blog without organisation. The best way is to

  • Get a planner (either be digital or paper) and write down your blog schedule
  • Create an account that synchronises your notes with your computer and your phone (Google, Apple, Evernote etc) so you could access your drafts anywhere, anytime, any place.
  • Paste your html codes for layout in your note – it saves time as you could just copy and paste the code when you’re writing the post
  • Write down all your topic ideas

Time management is important too – don’t just spend all day on your blog when you have work to do. Divide your time well and get the most out of it!


3. Be persistent 

At first it’s kind of hard to keep your blog updated. You may lose motivation or the will to blog (if you don’t then good for you!). Don’t give up just yet. Once it becomes your hobby, everything will be easier. It’d be included in your a daily (or weekly) routine and you won’t be stressed.


4. Be unique

There are hundreds of book blog out there and you have to be original in order to stand out. Of course you can participate in memes and get ideas from other blogs, just don’t overdo it. Have something unique – some blogs might do more reviews and some blogs may do more bookish discussions; some blogs are ‘photography-based’ and some blogs are ‘text-based’. You could also create your own feature – you want people to be like ‘Oh XXX blog! The one with AMAZING photography’ but not like ‘Oh!.. Wait… which one?’

Don’t be afraid to voice out your opinions – if you don’t like the book, say it! If you have different view points on an issue, say it! Some people may disagree with you (and that’s totally normal), but don’t change your stance just to fit in!

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
– Steve Jobs


5. It takes time

Don’t rush. Don’t expect hundreds of followers in a few weeks (obviously) and don’t request for ARCs when you’re not ready! Post more reviews and build your blog. Slowly.

I personally don’t think that any shortcuts will work. From my experience on Instagram, followers gained through follow for follow usually don’t last long. So do your best and those who are genuine interested in your blog will follow you – and stay. Don’t forget to comment on other’s blogs too (an advice for myself)!


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#BookBlogWriMo Day 11: Most Popular Posts

#Top10Tuesday – Most Popular Posts:


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This is my personal favourite 🙂 I love DIYs since I was small and it was really fun making Harry Potter Corner Bookmarks

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It’s 11:11pm 11/11 right know (woah there’re many 1s) and I haven’t finished revising for my Biology quiz tomorrow (epic fail)

So… I’ll go now (just had a study break)

Click those links above and happy browsing 😀


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