QOTW: Harry Potter



This is one of my fav quotes


Update: I’m going on vacation soon (its lunar new year holiday!) so I won’t be active. I do have a few scheduled posts though 😀

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QOTW: Divergent


And… Yes I’m back on Instagram with a new app (piclabhd) and a new editing style. You many notice a lack of QOTW posts here for the past couple months – that’s because I haven’t been editing (opps).

Although there’ll be regular posts again, I’m planning on spending less time on social media. Time is limited and I’d rather use it to read than go online. It’d be kind of difficult though as I’ve been addicted to social medias for a very long time 😛

Anyway, I’ll see you in my next post (which will probably be a monthly wrap up). Have a good day/night!

Holiday Gift Guide for Book Lovers!

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I’m done with school YAY (well technically not since I still have two days of school and extra lessons during the Christmas Holiday). But anyway, at least I can chill and read and BLOG!

I apologise for the lack of posts 😦 From now on I’ll be able to post more (hopefully) and I’ll end my short hiatus with *drumroll* Holiday Gift Guide for Book Lovers! (I hope it’s not too late :P)

*Disclaimer: none of these are mine


1. DIY Harry Potter Kindle Covers


(Click the image for tutorial)

This is great for kindle-lovers! You can change the design too – recreating his/her favourite book cover or writing a great book quote on it are some of the alternatives.


2. DIY Hand Warmers

(Click the image for tutorial)

Make a book-shaped (is this even a word) or any book-related shapes for book lovers! Or keep it simple for family and friends 😀


3. DIY Hunger Games Tote

(Click the image for tutorial)

Again, you can print anything you want on it. I just think it’s a great gift idea for book lovers since we always go book shopping.


4. DIY Printed Candles

(Click the image for tutorial)

Printed candles + book + bed = perfect night


5. DIY Sharpie Mug

(Click the image for tutorial, click here for book lovers mugs inspiration)

Mugs for hot chocolate! (and a book YES)


I hope you enjoy these DIYs (and maybe get some inspiration/ideas from them). Happy holidays and I’ll see you in my next post!


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