The Divergent Movie


I’ve watched the DIVERGENT MOVIE!!!

I watched it yesterday with my friends as it’s the last day of school before easter holiday 😀 I really enjoy it, and would like to share with you guys my thoughts on some particulars

The first and the most important thing is, Uriah Pedrad is MISSING D: He’s my favourite character in this trilogy, and fairly important, I would say, in the Divergent book – the zip lining, the offering-the-lap scene, the muffin-shooting scene etc. I was quite disappointed as I know the movie won’t contain these little scenes (except the zip lining) These are the little details that make the book enjoyable 😀

Because of my lack of experience, I won’t comment much about the book-to-movie adaptation of Divergent. The only thing I have to say is: books are way more better than movies. But of course, there is always something that I like about the movie:

I love how they present Dauntless – from the energetic jumping-off-the-train scene to the warm welcome for the initiates, the cheering, the clapping and their smile show how they are carefree, warm, energetic and exciting. It really gives me an impression that they are free.

Also, the introduction of Max in their dining place – We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another really accentuates that Dauntless is not a crazy faction, but a faction that respects and treasures courage against criticism etc.

Now onto the topic of the characters.

Peter and Eric in the movie didn’t really give me an strong impression that they are the antagonists, while in the books, they do. But of course, because of the time limit, some scenes needed to be cut, and that made Peter and Eric less ‘bad’ I guess. So now the really bad guy (more accurately, bad woman) is Jeanine. I love the scene where


Tris nailed Jeanine’s hand at the end. And also, I like how there’s a little twist – instead of Tobias shutting down the system, it’s Jeanine, under the effects of the serum.


My favourite scene is got to be the zip lining one. The moment


when she ‘flies’ through the cracked building – it’s perfect. ‘I am pure adrenaline’ I WAS at that moment


I really like the soundtrack, especially the song ‘Beating Heart’ Overall, I really enjoy the movie and I can’t wait for Insurgent!

This is quite a short piece, I apologise. I can assure you that more is coming as I’m now on holiday and have plenty of time.