DIY LED Foldable Bookmark / Booklight

I was scrolling through Instructables when I saw this – IT’S AMAZING

It’s a struggle reading at night in bed – especially when I’m too lazy to switch on any light. I can read on my phone, but with paperbacks? Nah not really.

With this DIY, the problem’s solved. Plus you could use it as a bookmark!

Just a disclaimer, this is not mine. For the full tutorial, please visit here. I might make one of these later on 😀

Happy weekend and I’ll see you on Wednesday!

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Holiday Gift Guide for Book Lovers!

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I’m done with school YAY (well technically not since I still have two days of school and extra lessons during the Christmas Holiday). But anyway, at least I can chill and read and BLOG!

I apologise for the lack of posts 😦 From now on I’ll be able to post more (hopefully) and I’ll end my short hiatus with *drumroll* Holiday Gift Guide for Book Lovers! (I hope it’s not too late :P)

*Disclaimer: none of these are mine


1. DIY Harry Potter Kindle Covers


(Click the image for tutorial)

This is great for kindle-lovers! You can change the design too – recreating his/her favourite book cover or writing a great book quote on it are some of the alternatives.


2. DIY Hand Warmers

(Click the image for tutorial)

Make a book-shaped (is this even a word) or any book-related shapes for book lovers! Or keep it simple for family and friends 😀


3. DIY Hunger Games Tote

(Click the image for tutorial)

Again, you can print anything you want on it. I just think it’s a great gift idea for book lovers since we always go book shopping.


4. DIY Printed Candles

(Click the image for tutorial)

Printed candles + book + bed = perfect night


5. DIY Sharpie Mug

(Click the image for tutorial, click here for book lovers mugs inspiration)

Mugs for hot chocolate! (and a book YES)


I hope you enjoy these DIYs (and maybe get some inspiration/ideas from them). Happy holidays and I’ll see you in my next post!


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Tobias’ Tattoo Inspired Fan Art


I was reading Four: The Son when I came across this line:

the Dauntless flames being cupped by Abnegation hands, the Amity tree roots growing beneath an Erudite eye, which is balanced under the Candor scales.

It seems that, unlike the current design, where each of the faction symbols is ‘wrapped’ by a circle, they should be linked together. So I got this idea of recreating Tobias’ tattoo. I did not draw it 100% according to the description though:

1st draft



2nd draft


And then I went on my computer and outlined it with


Finally, I coloured it with my phone


Actually, I like the black and white version more than the coloured version 😛

Anyway, it was really fun recreating the tattoo. I’ll get my creative juices flowing so I can think of more fandom inspired DIYs. Hope you enjoy this post. See you!


Harry Potter Corner bookmark

I saw it on instagram and thought it was really cool, so I decided to go on youtube for tutorials and make some for myself.

This is my first attempt:

And this is my second attempt:

I decided to make a gryffindor inspired one as I’m a gryffindor lion ROAR

1. Draw 3 squares on a piece of coloured paper of your choice. My squares are 6cm x 6cm

2. Cut the squares out and then cut the triangles out so it looks like a fox

3. Fold the two triangles and stick them together.
4. Decorate it as you wish. I didn’t have a red coloured paper so I had to paint it with a red marker.

5. Cut out some yellow strips and stick them onto the bookmark


6. Draw and cut out Harry’s glasses and scar

7. Stick them onto the bookmark and you’re done!