Some changes…

Since I’ve finished school, I’ve uploaded 4 post – and 3 of them are memes. Memes are really quick to write as you barely have to plan and think (I definitely took advantage of that), and you get to keep your book blog updated without putting effort in it.

Now I’m not saying that memes are bad or anything, I just think that as a blogger, I should put in some time in writing a post, making sure it is of high quality, instead of just throwing out some memes because I’m too lazy or in a horrible reading slump. Because of that, I’ve decided to change from posting weekly and following a schedule to posting irregularly but ensuring the quality of my posts.

I’m proud to say that I’m FINALLY out of my reading slump (hurray!), and I hope I’d be able to put together a decent book review after finishing Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. Anyway, thanks for putting up with me and I hope you’ll have a great day/night!

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