Let’s Talk: Writing a book review

I don’t know if I’m weird, but:

1) I HAVE to write the review before starting a new book

If I don’t, I’d forget my thoughts and feelings on the story. Unfortunately, this happened recently


I managed to write a couple of sentences for these books, but failed to write a full Discussion post 😦


2) It takes a REALLY long time for me to write a decent review

I usually do it in the following procedures:

1. Read and take notes

2. Expand and link the ‘notes’

3. Read others’ review to see if there’s something I agree with them but forgot to mention

4. Check for mistakes

The 2nd step requires the longest time. With the problem mentioned in 1), my ‘reading rate’ decreases significantly (LOL)


And that explains why I haven’t been posting Book Discussion posts lately. Currently I’m working on the review for Pivot Point, as well as marathoning the Harry Potter Series. (Errm maybe I shouldn’t do that. Not again.)

Anyway, how do you write your reviews? Do you have the same problem as I have?


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12 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Writing a book review

  1. Me too!! I use Trello to keep track of all my book reviews and take notes on the books as I read 😛 It helps me stay organized but even with me “stream-lining” the process..it takes a while! But I’m always taking notes in batches so I don’t feel too bogged down. I don’t do much linking in my review posts because I personally any link apart from goodreads links isn’t that useful. 🙂 Sometimes I go on Goodreads and check other reviews too but not always because I don’t want other people’s opinions to influence my own feelings about the book too much. 🙂 And…I don’t really check for mistakes..I just preview the post..I guess 😛

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  2. I have to write my reviews before I start a new book or not only will I forget everything I wanted to say, I’d most likely just end up just skipping it and never writing it. I take an hour or two to a decent reviews as well. I always get jealous when I here that people can write theirs in like 30-45mins cause to me it’s such a process.

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  3. Maybe to help make it easier to remember your thoughts on a book without delaying writing time, you could start a book review journal, so whenever you finish a book, you open up your journal and just free-write everything you thought about the book, and then when you come to writing your official review, you can read that and then refine and specify it! 🙂 This is an idea I’m starting to try.

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  4. I use the same method as you. I have a pretty good memory, so I can read a book, then read around 2 more and go back to the first book and write a book review for it. I don’t forget much…although I noticed that not reviewing a book immediately makes the process of writing the book review longer and harder…

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