How do you picture the characters when you’re reading?

(I’m still working on my Book Discussion so I decided to do a short ‘Let’s Talk’ post this Sunday)


Do you picture him/her with a face? I know I don’t haha. I’ll add the author’s description in (like having blond hair etc), but I usually picture a blurred figure.


Once I’ve seen the movie, I can no longer use my own imagination. I’m ‘stuck’ with the casts, and sometimes it sucks if the casts are not that close to what I’ve imagined.


So how do you picture them? As a movie star or some sort of cartoon-like figures?


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8 thoughts on “How do you picture the characters when you’re reading?

  1. Same here. I imagine them as a blurred figure, not with any specific face but like…if they are thin or fat, hair colour, eye colour- as all are usually described in the opening chapters of the books to some extent. Once I’m past that, I tend to stop conciously imagining them as I’m reading the story haha

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  2. Weirdly enough, I don’t really try too hard in imagining characters but once I watch the movie – like you said – I just keep seeing those actors and actresses when I think of the characters…Which can be annoying or nice depending on whether the casts are more-or-less what I imagined.

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  3. i can feel you! You put it exactly in the way I picture the characters — they’re always a little bit like blurred figures in my head. Strangely enough, I often have a ‘clearer’ picture of male characters than than female ones. I have no idea why though 🙂


  4. I always imagine the POV I’m reading from as a vague human with a certain body build or hair colour, they’re never anything to concert, but when I imagine other characters they’re always fully developed people that I’ve like given extra personality to even if the novel doesn’t include it. I’ve never thought about that before!

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