Plans for 2015

New year, new start.

But before that, I have to take a moment and thank you all for your support! I know it sounds cheesy but it’s really great knowing that someone out there actually reads my posts (and that I’m not talking to myself haha). I’m glad that I joined the wonderful book blogging community and would never regret this decision.
Enough of this gibberish. Let’s dive straight into my plans for 2015 and what to expect.


1. I’ll be posting every Tuesday / Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
Tuesday / Wednesday will be dedicated to memes. I won’t be posting two memes every week though.


2. Beyond the Book post will be a monthly feature
Researching requires time so I’ll be doing that every month.


3. Mock exam in late March
I won’t be active in March (sorry!) I’ll be busy preparing for my mocks and doing past papers.


4. Study leave for a month and a half!
After my mocks I’ll have no school until the end of my IGCSEs exams (mid-June). I’m quite positive that I could squeeze in some time for blogging 🙂


5. I won’t be setting any reading goals 
School is stressful enough and I don’t want to turn reading into a ‘liability’. I prefer reading whatever and whenever I want.


That’s pretty much it! I might change something throughout the year but we’ll see 😀


∞ ϟ 9¾ ♔ ⚯͛ △⃒⃘ ➵ ♆



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