#BookBlogWriMo Day 6: Favourite Childhood Books


Wrriors series by Erin Hunter

I was obsessed with this series. I literally ditched my plan to revise and read, even though I had finals the next day. That was three to four years ago when I first entered secondary school (miss those days). I was never a big reader before I turned 14 so among the limited books I’ve read, Warriors is the best (after Harry Potter. You know it’d be kind of boring if I feature Harry Potter every single time.)

∞ ϟ 9¾ ♔ ⚯͛ △⃒⃘ ➵ ♆


2 thoughts on “#BookBlogWriMo Day 6: Favourite Childhood Books

  1. Warriors looks like a good series for a childhood. I wish I was a reader when I was younger. I had this ugly habit of losing library books so my parents didn’t buy me books. At high school I had to pay for my first lost book and it cost like $80! I learnt my lesson & stopped using the library!


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