Emoji Book Tag

So I was watching some BookTube videos and I came across this tag. Basically, you have to describe and explain how you use your top 5 most used emojis and find a book that will go along with it.

It sounds fun, so without further ado, let’s get started!

1. The Laughcry Emoji (tears of joy)


This emoji is overused  Siy1dID(see?) I use it on anything funny and basically everything. I should stop Siy1dID

Anyway, the book I chose for this emoji is The Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Childhood memories 😀 This book is pretty funny, so it definitely made me ‘laughcry’


2. The Crying Emoji

I normally use this for extreme sadness and despair, especially during exams.

The book I chose for this is Allegiant. Obviously. SO MANY DEATHS 


3. The Clapping Emoji

I use this to congratulate someone or be like ‘yay’ and also go like *SLOW CLAP* 

The book I chose for this one is the Legend Series.

The characters are badass and cool and it’s action-packed. This series is SO GOOD it deserves some 


4. The Unamused Emoji

Obviously I use it when I’m unamused. Pretty self-explanatory.

The book that go along with  is The Maze Runner.

I didn’t really like this book. Everyone rave about it and I was like  not my cup of tea.


5. The ‘Full Moon with Face’ Emoji (molester moon)

This come in handy when I have nothing to say or when I feel like ‘meh’.

The Lost Hero or basically the whole Heroes of Olympus series go with this emoji. I really like Percy Jackson but I can’t keep up with stories with multi-perspective, so I’ve only read The Lost Hero and I gave up. I’d rather have Percy as the main character. I don’t hate the series, but I don’t like it either, so 


So that’s it! The emoji book tag! I’m going to tag everyone who has read this. Feel free to comment down below the link if you did it 😀


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