The Divergent Tag


1. Favourite book in the trilogy

2. Least favourite book in the trilogy

3. Favourite character
Uriah Pedrad

4. Least favourite character
David, Caleb, Peter

5. Result of the aptitude test
Dauntless and Erudite

6. Which faction will I choose?

7. Which faction will I DEFINITELY NOT choose?

8. Favourite cover
Divergent (US)

9. Favourite scene

10. Saddest death
Uriah and Tris

Sorry I’m running out of ideas lol
Anyway, this is the questions, and if you are interested feel free to answer them by posting in your blog or comment down below.

And a little bit of update, I’ve finished Shatter Me by Tehereh Mafi!!! This book is amazing! I’ll do a discussion on that once I’m free 😀 Stay tuned!

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