Hey guys! I’m back with another quote-


Please check out my instagram account! |@booknquote |It means a lot to me:D

I’m kind of busy right now because it’s the last week of the easter holiday and I have to do homework, revise for tests, practise piano for the upcoming exam, write essays all that kind of stuff. Before the holiday I have deadlines to meet and slept 4-5 hours a day, causing me to fall asleep in lessons and miss what the teachers’ve taught. Now I have to self-study D:

But I’ll update this blog. I promise. And also, when school starts I might not be able to update frequently – tests homework and exams in june arrgh. Furthermore, I’ll take turn to read english books and chinese books, so the amount of book discussions will not be that much. However, I’ll do some sharing, maybe some called ‘tags’ in youtube like ‘harry potter tag’ and ‘divergent tag’ where there’re questions and you have to answer them- maybe I’ll convert them into blog posts 😀 anyway, I’ll see you guys later! Bye!


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