2014 February Wrap up

Another monthly wrap up!!!

So for February I read a total 9 books – 3 Chinese books and 6 English books:

1. The Lost Hero

2. The Selection

3. The Elite

4. The Darkest Minds

5. Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe

6. Shadow and Bone


The Lost Hero is the first book in The Heroes of Olympus series, which is preceded by the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series. I’ve read the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series for multiple times and really love the Greek mythology elements in the book. However, The Lost Hero didn’t pull me into its world, unlike The Lightening Thief. Basically, The Lost Hero is based on both Greek and Roman mythology, and has three main characters – Jason, Piper and Leo. I personally prefer Percy Jackson being the main character, so I don’t really like this series. But of course, it’s a new one, so it’s completely normal that the main character(s) will change. Also, the amount of characters being introduced made me kind of hard to keep track with the story, and so I didn’t continue with the series.


The Selection and The Elite are the first two books in The Selection trilogy by Kiera Cass. They are about a dystopian world where a ‘Selection’ will take place for the Prince to choose his future wife. At first I’m kind of reluctant to give these books a try as it sounds like princesses stories and fairytales (?), but once I read them, they’re all good. The Selection is a wonderful book, and I really enjoy how the protagonist, America Singer, goes through the Selection. She is the only girl who doesn’t want the crown, which give the story a little twist(?) as it’s not about a girl violently craving for the prince’s attention. It also has some rebellion happening in the book, and that’s obviously a plus. As for The Elite, I feel like more explanation is needed for the rebellion. The book didn’t really talk much about what’s going on with the rebels. It kind of focuses on America Singer and the other Elites, and there’s more and more drama. I’m a person who absolutely hate drama, so I didn’t enjoy this book as much. But overall, it’s still a great book 😀

The Darkest Mind is another dystopian book (yes, another one) about children with special abilities and brutal government. Actually, they are FRIGHTENING abilities. They cannot control it, and are sent to Thurmond, a kind of ‘rehabilitation camp’. Ruby, the protagonist, managed to break out and escape. On the road she joined a group of ‘weird’ kids, just like her, that have escaped from their own camp. I honestly don’t remember much from this book, but overall it’s an enjoyable read.

Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe is a free ebook from the website http://www.pulseit.com/. They feature different free books every once in a while 😀 This book is different from what I usually read. It’s kind of philosophical and psychological. It’s basically a story about a boy named Aristotle, how he is an outcast, how he meets Dante, and how they learn more about themselves through their friendship. I really remember how I was so shocked at the end – I didn’t expect it to end that early, but it is beautiful. This book is inspiring. I feel like I’ve missed something during the first read, and so, I will definitely reread it.

‘We all fight our own private wars’—


So the last book, Shadow and Bone, is a fantasy. It has some Russia elements in it, and is a story about a girl named Alina who has power that she doesn’t realize. The plot is well done, and I really enjoy it. At first, it’s kind of hard to keep up with all those names and places , but once I’m familiar with them, it’s all good. I remember how this book made my adrenaline rush. It’s amazing! After this book I feel like other than dystopia, fantasy is also a great genre 😀


I’m really sorry for this crappy monthly reads review thingy because my memories have faded. D: Anyway, I’ll see you guys in my next post! Bye!



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