Ebooks, Paperbacks or Hardbacks?

Even though ebooks is an option today, most readers still prefer physical books that they can pet and smell (don’t deny it).

But not me.

I know I’m pretty weird as I prefer ebooks to physical books. Inarguably, physical books smell good and look beautiful on your bookshelf. However, ebooks are lighter, cheaper and easier to read, and those are basically the reasons why ebooks sound better to me.

I usually buy books off Amazon.com. With the Kindle app on my phone and the Kindle I owned, I can read everywhere, whenever I want. I don’t need to carry extra books to school along with my heavy textbooks and notes, and that’s obviously a plus. I don’t know about you guys, but I read faster when reading an ebook. Also it prevents me from darting my eyes away and accidentally read a spoiler :P.

Of course, I do own some physical books, including the beautiful Harry Potter Series :D.

Speaking of physical books, I prefer paperbacks to hardbacks. Unlike everybody else, I love how the books are a little bit worn out – it has some vintage ‘feels’ to it. Furthermore, it’s hard to get hardback books here where I live and it costs a lot. So paperbacks all the way 😀

What do you guys prefer? Ebooks, Paperbacks or Hardbacks?


One thought on “Ebooks, Paperbacks or Hardbacks?

  1. I read the physical books and ebooks. Same like you, I also noticed that I read faster with my ereader which is (was) my Kindle. I broke my Kindle few days ago so right now I’m using my iPad with Kindle app.


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